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Harry is an orphan child and has a very peculiar scar on his forehead. He lives a regular and boring life with his uncles and cousin; they are a very umpleasant family. Little Harry knows that his scar hides lots of things. On his birthday, he’ll discover that he is the son of two very famous wizards, that when he was a baby a curse on him made that scar on his forehead, and that there’s a School of Magic where he’ll learn that he’s got a great potential. When he arrives at Hogwarts’ School he’ll make new friends and some enemies; he’ll finally learn magic and he will also start a dangerous adventure in order to defeat the sinister wizard Lord Voldemort, who’s in a quest to find the power of a magical Stone which can give its carrier longevity. 

A destacar:

  • Adaptación de Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal de J.K. Rowling.

  • Emotiva.

  • Sensitiva.

Nivel educativo: 5º 6º  curso de primaria y primer ciclo de ESO

Idioma: Inglés

Temática: Fantasía

Duración: 50-60 minutos incluyendo el coloquio 

Compañía: Watch Listen and Learn

Materiales didácticos:

Guía didáctica:



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