Basil, the Sherlock Holmes of the mice world, has to face his eternal enemy Professor Ratigan. The adventure starts when a young lady is kidnapped by the evil Ratigan. Then, Basil and his inseparable friends, Dr. Dawson and Toby, will take on a thrilling rescuing mission full of action, adventure, mystery, fantasy and comedy. Come over with your students to solve this Super Detectives case, where through dialogues, songs, colours, and numbers, entirely in English, they will decode Professor Ratigan’s evil plans. A classic of Eve Titus and Walt Disney’s for the youngest.

Nivel educativo: Educación infantil y 1º 2º curso de primaria

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 50-60 minutos incluyendo el coloquio 

Compañía: Watch Listen and Learn

Materiales didácticos:

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